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08 19 ,2016

Eastimage Successfully Completed the Task of Providing Security Machine for Zhengzhou Metro

In 2015, Shanghai Eastimage won the bid for security inspection equipment procurement of Zhengzhou metro line 2. At the beginning of 2016, Eastimage began to produce EI-10080, EI-6550 x ray machine and other X-ray security detectors such as hand metal scanner, hand held liquid detector, narcotics detection equipment for metro line 2 of Zhengzhou. 

Thanks to our hardworking production staff and after service personnel. In August, we completed all the work including produce, transport, installation, debugging of all x-ray security machines. And our experienced service engineer arranged training courses about how to operate an X-Ray baggage scanner and other security inspection equipment for Metro security inspection staff. After training, the security check person totally knew the working principle of X-ray machine. And they learnt the whole security check procedures.

In August 17, 2016, the leaders of Zhengzhou visited some metro stations of line 2, and highly praised the security inspection machine of Shanghai Eastimage. 
As a superb China X Ray baggage scanner manufacturer, Shanghai Eastimage has focused on security inspection technology for over 13 years. So Shanghai Eastimage has rich experience about security check solutions of Metro. We are baggage inspection supplier for Beijing Metro, Tianjin Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Foshan Metro too. Providing more superb X ray security systems is always our pursuit.


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