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09 05 ,2016

Shanghai Eastimage, A Reliable China Baggage Inspection Manufacturer

In August, Shanghai Eastimage won two honors from Shanghai Contract Credit Promotion Commission for its good performance in terms of credibility during the past two years. The contract credit rating of SHANG EASTIMAGE EQUIPMENT CO. LTD during the year 2014/2015 is AAA. Moreover, Eastimage is appraised as a Shanghai enterprise with good credit in honoring contracts.


As a responsible x ray baggage scanner exporter in China, Eastimage is always doing its best to provide customers with good quality security inspection equipment such as: X-ray luggage scanner, High sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector, Hand Held liquid detector, narcotics detecting equipment. And we also provide technical support for all our customers.  Eastimage is truly a partner you could trust 100%.And if you want to know more details about x-ray inspection machine please don’t feel hesitate to contact us.


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