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03 27 ,2018

China X Ray scanning machine company

  China X Ray scanning machine company is a kind of company which mainly produces security scanners, including metal detector gate. In order to meet the security needs, this company tries its best to enhance the function of metal detector. In recent years, the airports use safety checking machines like magnetic force needle, metal weapon detecting gate as well as metal detector gate to find dangerous articles like weapons and ordinary explosive. And they play important role in safety checking. However, these equipment are limited by the original technology. Hence, it is important to improve the detecting technology.

  By the way, there are many dangers in our daily life. China X Ray scanning machine company think that it is necessary to install metal detector gate. With the development of modern science and technology, the criminal offenders and terrorists use high tech to create new weapons and explosives as well. Facing bomb, plastic explosive as well as many poisons with integrated circuit technique, these testing methods are all useless. Therefore, it is necessary to use some new security machines in airport. In the following part, we will learn some typical scanners.

  The first one is X Ray Inspection Tester, which plays an important role in security check. Actually, the x ray inspection tester is one newest airport baggage scanner. The metal detector gate inspection system uses x ray to see through objects. It uses images of x ray going through the objects to the monitor to distinguish objects. The x ray is able to improve in many different aspects with the change of the conditions to promote its performance to a great extent. And this kind of newest airport baggage scanner is being used in airport, port as well as stations.

  The next machine is Back Scattering X Ray Imaging System. Without this advanced security system, people can not pass the metal detector gate safely. China X Ray scanning machine company thinks that this kind of ray will reflect back when lighting into human body. This kind of device is suitable for human body inspection. It also can use two detectors to detect materials with high atomic number and low atomic number. It is able to gain images with high definition through proper picture processing. And this kind of device is suitable for baggage scanner, vehicle-mounted flow inspection in large scale and large scale truck inspection system.

  To sum up, security machines are very important in daily life. Hence, China X Ray scanning machine company would like to devote it in the promotion of metal detector gate. If you eager to know more about security system and other products, you can enter shanghai Eastiamge to get more information.


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