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08 03 ,2017

Do you understand luggage x ray machine

  As time goes by, more and more people are interested in luggage x ray machine and x-ray screening system. Therefore, it is necessary to get more information about this machine. As the x-ray bag scan equipment market becoming more and more huge, the customers don't know how to choose and buy the best machine of the luggage x ray machine, then through certain training of X-ray machine will have corresponding understanding. Let us enter the important part of this section.

  Luggage x ray machine of the huge market of the related markets is constantly updated development domain.To select a high quality of product is becoming more and more difficult, through the X-ray machine after the training, you can know more information of the portable X-ray machine then choose and buy. The portable x ray machine in x-ray screening system, hidden dangerous goods can be effectively used to detect the human body, the airport security check, wharf, in letters and packages, metal items, and any metal is hidden.

  The basic working principle of the luggage x ray machine:

  When carrying the test coil of alternating current near the conductor, the alternating magnetic field generated in the coil will induce current (eddy current) make the conductor. Vortex flow, phase, and the size of the form by the work piece properties (electrical conductivity, magnetic permeability, shape, size) produces change, the influence of the reaction in the magnetic field coil voltage and impedance change.

  So thought the instrument test coil voltage or the change of impedance, you can judge whether there is a conductor which one in theory, but also it can detect the conductor's electrical conductivity, permeability and other properties. Of course only metal machine in x-ray screening system to detect whether there is a conductor that can be.

  Luggage x ray machine features:

  X-ray machine has the characteristics of 360 ° comprehensive detection, and can accurately detect the location of the target, and can help inspectors determine roughly the shape and size of an object hidden in the clothes. X-ray machine of small volume, light weight, feel is good, convenient and flexible operation, one hand can close examination. X-ray machine is equipped with can hang on the waist belt, or hang in the car of thick holster, convenient to carry. X-ray machine of sound and light alarm, optional headset, in quiet or noisy environment, all can use.

  In the end, luggage x ray machine is very important to airport security system, so we should know more about this security machine. Besides, if the detection area has metal items, or dangerous goods, in the process of scanning probe, the red light will frequently flashing, constant alarm. Then, people can know the dangerous immediately. X-ray machine with light and sound and vibration alarm function.


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