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12 21 ,2017

Finding the secret of bag scanner

  For many people, they know less about x ray bag Scanner. Therefore, it is very important for them to realize the exit of baggage scanner machine. The amount of connections is the main factor affecting the capability of advanced airport baggage scanner machine and the difference between the real and the simulation scanning situations may not be large enough to have the impact on the airport body scanners performance. At the same time, the round trip time of the airport body scanners can be measured as well as randomly selected with the cloud based machine.

  As a result, the average trip time is less than ninety milliseconds, at the same time, the function of bag scanner is very necessary. By the time, baggage scanner machine is very interesting to use if you have already get the operation technology. In practice, there may be multiple scanning tasks that need to be executed at the same time, which means that the airport bag scanners need to use multiple threading to handle the scanning connections. In order to cope with the x ray scanning tasks in parallel, multiple scanning orders need to be launched at the same time by controlling the number of threads and recording the execution time.

  More important, it is important to mention that the installation of bag scanner in the airport point have improve the security level. Hence,most people support the usage of bag scanner. By the way, the increasing of traveler in the airport would lead to the identification of the scanning task and the filtering of a large part of the scanning packets, which means that bandwidth is likely to become the bottleneck of advanced airport body scanners performance. What is more, it can be seen that with the growth of the scanning connections or scanning scale, the task execution time is on the increase in a linear manner and the average execution time is longer in comparison to the models with less connections.

  However, not everyone knows the importance of baggage scanner machine. Security personnel think that it is vital to spread the function of baggage scanner in public places. On the other hand, if this problem can be solved with the integration of the cloud computing functions, the destination port of the airport body scanners can be combined into one server so as to lessen the burden of the entire system. Different testing environments have been used to detect the performance of the airport body scanners and prove that the machines are not only functional but also very practical in security scanning application.

  In the end, we have already know the importance of bag scanner. If you want to get more news about baggage scanner machine, you are able to enter shanghai Eastimage to get what you want.


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