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02 06 ,2018

Protect people with explosive detecting machine

  Everyone knows that explosive detecting machine is used to detect dangerous items. However, some people still have no idea about explosive detection machine in those days. Most people have experienced security checkpoint in the railway station, airport, even custom. Those machines have appeared in the station are specialized luggage detector produced by luggage detector factory, but many people have no idea about security check and its notices. In the following part, the author will show people some knowledge about security explosive detecting.

  The following you can learn some notices in railway station, airport and custom. If you are interested in this part, you will be satisfied by the next information.

  First one, Railway station

  Train is a popular transport method, hence there is a need to learn more about railway station. At first, we should know that three types of goods will be prohibited when participate explosive detection: adult(20 kg), child(10kg), diplomatic personnel(35kg), when over free weights and external dimensions specified items are not allowed to bring, but can additionally be checked. By the way, dangerous items are not allowed to bring in train. For instance, detonators explosives, fireworks and gasoline, etc. The final item is National restrictions on the transport goods, items impede public health, animals and vehicles damaged or contaminated. If you want to pass explosive detecting successfully, you should obey these rules.

  The second, Airport

  The explosive detection is harder and more complex at airport, because more people from different regions and countries will carry goods from many parts of the world. You maybe take prescribed goods and get into trouble because you don’t know the purpose of the state. Thence, some basic orders should be remembered by plane. The following items are prohibited on board aircraft, such as Firearms, military or police armed with class(including main components). Except following the above rules in airport, people still need to take care of their baggage and kids.

  The third, Custom

  People can find explosive detecting in custom, but why should Custom use explosive detection technology? We are usually impressed for Custom to combat illegal smuggling during the process of luggage detection. With the development of globalization, the velocity of circulation of goods and cargo is accelerating. Chinese is strict for the goods through the Custom, they are Cigarette/Cigar/Tobacco,Chinese medicine abroad and Gold, Silver and Ornaments. Form these introductions, we can easily know that security detecting is very necessary in Custom. And in this way, we can protect our security and our country.

  To sum up, security is very important to every where. Of course, there are emerging criminal means, thus explosive detecting detector factory should exalt the performance of explosive detection. If you are still confused about explosive detecting, you can consult shanghai Eastimage. In fact, Shanghai Eastimage is a famous security products maker. People can get some professional news form this company.


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