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11 17 ,2017

Put your heart in narcotics detection

  Narcotics detection is a kind of x-ray explosive detection, which is very useful in our daily life. If you are interesting in this x ray detection, you should read the following introduction right now. Narcotics detection metal detectors symptom one: 1-2 seconds after power on alarm or vibrate all on. By the way, this phenomenon occurs due to high sensitivity and low power. Some users use after a period of time, and did not notice that the battery voltage is below the operating voltage, they always tend to think: probe unfolded more than as fault repair.

  After know the problem of using Narcotics detection machine and x-ray explosive detection machine, we should know how to solve this situation. Hence, it is important to know the solution. Usually, there are two ways to deal with this problem. The first one is turning low sensitivity when the hand-held metal detector alarm, up to it stop alarming. And the next one is that adjustment cannot be ruled out, replace the batteries or recharge the batteries. If you are not familiar with the solution, you can get more detail in the internet. X-ray explosive detection symptoms two: Vibration detectors, sometimes the buzzer works, instead of going to the vibration motor when you can't stop.

  Why does the x-ray explosive detection unworkable? Such phenomena are usually users use for some time without paying any attention to the voltage drop. Because motor power consumption exceeds the beeper, voltage can only be guaranteed at this time the beeper function. The solution is very easy and simple, so people can use the methods to repair the machine right now. In the case of vibrations, reduce the sensitivity. By the way, people can replace the batteries or recharge it as well.

  Narcotics detection metal detectors symptoms three: Power on red light or alarm or vibration. Why does it happen? such behavior occurs, typically a probe is inactive for some time, and forgot to remove the battery; the batteries slowly discharge for a long time. The solution of this situation is also complex.The first way is changing the batteries. The next way is that note the battery pack are contaminated by battery leakage, such as pollution to be cleaned, as this will prevent the battery pull or corrosion damage of circuit board. The final way is pouring alcohol or private electronic cleaners cleaning. If you are not professional man, you can find other answers.

  Narcotics detection metal detectors symptoms four: after turning on to detect any alarms or slight shake alarm. The analysis of this situation is simple, that is generally the sensitivity adjusting of high, or increase the sensitivity of detection of small metal after, failure to make timely adjustment to its original position. The solution is turning lower the sensibility.


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