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10 12 ,2017

Travel around with explosive scanner

  If you have a lot of travel experience, you will be familiar with explosive Scanner and explosive Trace detector. Therefore, you can know more about this machine in time. The conventional X-ray explosive scanner has complex structure and various X-ray Inspection system types, so it is hard to operate it for some elementary people. Therefore, it is required that the personnel who operate the explosive trace detector must be trained before using the X-ray bag scanner. if you want to learn more detail, you should read the next expression.

  First of all, it is necessary to check the explosive trace detector before using it. It is possible to check the outer panel, display, and keyboard as well as cables of the conventional X-ray bag scanner, if there is any damage, it is forbidden to open the machines and it is possible to pull out power plug to power of it with the main power. It is necessary to check the lead curtain of the passage and exit before powering on the conventional X-ray explosive scanner to avoid radiation. Check whether the delivering belt is complete or not, or whether it is able to do harm the detected baggage or human body. In addition, remember to check whether the lock of the operator has been damaged or not and if all the covering plates have been covered up. And whether the device is connected to ground is also necessary to conventional X-ray bag scanner.

  In the second, it is necessary to train security personnel how to operate the conventional X-ray bag scanner correctly. For instance, it is necessary to have a serious attitude due to the dangerous possibility of the X-ray bag scanner with harmful radiation. Any mistakes are going to do harm to the personnel and the passengers as well. And it is necessary to ask experts for help to maintain or adjust the conventional explosive trace detector. In this way, people can keep the machine in a good using condition.

  In the third place, it is forbidden to change the safety device of the conventional x ray explosive scanner. And do not add any accessories to the conventional X-ray bag scanners and do not damage the outer shell of the system and lead shield of the conventional X-ray bag scanners. The delivering belts are only permit the baggage to put on, and human beings are forbidden to stand on or seat on the delivering belt of the conventional explosive trace detector.

  In the end, it is not easy to operate explosive trace detector well. Therefore, people should learn some operation tips before using this kind of security machine.


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