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08 01 ,2017

We should know more about x-ray security detecting system

  Last week, many people asked me about X-ray security detecting system and x-ray screening system. Hence, we will get more information about this system. When we are going to choose and buy a security scanner, we still need to be aware of the relevant parameters of the X-ray security detecting system, performance, and so on related information, so how do you will learn a lot of information about the baggage screening system, that will be prior to buying for security apparatus training, thereby we can understand product very well. Let us enter the next part of this article and follow the step.

  In general, security apparatus training will be installed in X-ray security detecting system or x-ray screening system. Moreover, metal detector gate management, hand-held metal detectors, X-ray baggage security scanner are also equipped in this security system. Metal detector gate management belongs to a fixed installation of test equipment, is another name for this machine. Along with the further development of science and technology, the metal detection technology matures, there has been a professional agent on the market at present the hassles of copper, for example - copper intelligent anti-theft detectors, guard against theft detector for wire and cable.

  X-ray screening system is very important to people’s life, not only in airport, but also in some important places. Hand-held metal detector is a kind of metal detector, because for hand use way and get name, hand-held metal detector is more accurate. By electromagnetic induction and alarm for metal items, mainly with sound and light alarm way, shock, or through headphones. X-ray security detecting system will also introduce when purchasing a security scanner, the working principle of security scanner, the related parameters in the security scanner. When buying metal detector gate to install in X-ray security detecting system, for example, to understand the points:

  1, the precision of X-ray security detecting system, the highest sensitivity in the middle of the door can detect a pin type back needle, can walk detected one hundred times one hundred times, not omissions and string. Can also exclude belt buckle, leather shoes, bra and so on, the influence of detected more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal or controlled knives.

  2, the function, usually security system can connect every security detector and let these security machines to performance well. For instance, the product is divided into six sectors, suspicious objects can show exactly in each area. It can adjust the sensitivity, a total of one hundred level of sensitivity according to actual need.

  To sum up, X-ray security detecting system plays an very important part in our daily life. When security system will also be introduced with some related security equipment, external power supply, work environment, transportation, total weight, working frequency, the weight, appearance size, the size of the channel. If you want to know more about this security machine, you can enter the website of shanghai Eastimage at www.eastimagesecurity.com.


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