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Narcotics detecting equipment is widely used in the field of narcotics detection. When criminals plan to carry out illegal trade such as narcotics trade, narcotics detecting equipment will play a significant role in preventing the trade. Usually, the narcotics, metals, explosives and many other objects will show different colors on the screen linked with the narcotics detection device. Therefore, it is easy to identify what illegal objects there are in the baggage although the objects are hidden well. The same as narcotics detection, X-ray explosive detection is also important. Since a lot of terrorist attacks happened, the X-ray explosive detection has drawn much attention of people all over the world. X-ray explosive detecting equipment has the same working principle with other security inspection equipment. Though we are living in a peaceful and strong country, we cannot relax vigilance. After all, once the accident happen, the result is irreversible. Take action to buy narcotics and explosive detecting equipment right now. Let us work together to build a safe and beautiful world.